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Why Do You Need AC Maintenance?

Air conditioner repair technician

Before the heat of a hot Indiana summer is upon us, you want to ensure your air conditioner is performing at 100%. Call the experts at Deputy Heating & Air today for your AC maintenance and tune-up. Air conditioning repair is very important and the professionals at Deputy Heating & Air are here to help! Call us today to set up your appointment.

If your AC is busted, that means you waited too long to get in touch with a team of HVAC professionals! With us, you’ll never have to worry about the high cost of air conditioning repair, because we will keep your AC system in top shape year-round!

The Benefits of AC Maintenance

  • Increased AC system performance = better overall home comfort
  • Better air conditioning efficiency = lower energy bills
  • Cleaner air quality = ensuring your family’s health
  • Increased lifespan of your AC system = fewer home visits for an AC repair

Our AC Maintenance Services

A Close Inspection of All of Your AC’s Components
Minor Adjustment and Repair Fixes
A Calibration of your Thermostat

The experts at Deputy Heating & Air will inspect your air cooling system during their regular maintenance check-up. They will check for wear and tear on all belts and other moving parts within your air conditioning unit. Our professionals will inspect the blower belt and motor to ensure proper operation. Call us today to schedule your annual air conditioning maintenance tune-up.


Routine AC Repair

Deputy Heating & Air‘s AC maintenance and tune-up technicians will ensure your air conditioning system is 100% functional and ready for your summer air conditioning needs. You can expect our experts to notify you of any repair needs before any work is done so you know exactly what solution is best for your home’s AC system, if recommended. Call us today and you can be comfortable by tomorrow.


Temperature Control

You can set the thermostat in your home or office at the perfect temperature, but how do you guarantee that the thermostat is reading the room’s temperature correctly?

The pros at Deputy Heating & Air have the tools and know how to be able to evaluate if your thermostat isn’t calibrated correctly. You could find yourself uncomfortable with the indoor temperature, even though your thermostat is reading the temperature you thought you set it at. Even more alarming, you could be leaving your air conditioning running and driving your cooling costs way up trying to find the perfect temperature to set the thermostat.

Constantly readjusting the thermostat can raise your utility bill by up to 10 percent. The same is true for an incorrectly calibrated thermostat that “thinks” it’s running at a lower temperature than it actually is. Let the experts at Deputy Heating & Air take the guess work out of what is the actual temperature. Call us today!


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