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Deputy Heating & Air is the #1 HVAC technician and repair provider in the Indianapolis area. From AC repairs to Carrier appliance replacements and installations, we’re quality that you can count on!


Indoor Air Quality Control

The indoor air quality in your home is something you shouldn’t ignore. Poor air quality can negatively impact both your short-term and long-term health. Indoor air problems can be caused by pollutants (such as tobacco products, certain building materials, outdoor air pollution), blocked or dirty vents, or just inadequately sized and proportioned ventilation.

At Deputy Heating & Air, we provide the resources you need to achieve top-notch air quality in your Indianapolis home. Schedule your appointment with us today!

AC ductwork

Ductwork Services

Ductwork are pathways which direct the flow of hot or cool air throughout your home. As a major component of your heating and cooling system, duct maintenance is necessary to make sure your HVAC unit runs at its full potential. It also ensures the air quality within your home is at its peak, keeping dust particles and other respiratory irritants out of your air. 

Don’t let duct issues like debris, leaks, poor insulation, or defectiveness mess with the efficiency of your HVAC and the quality of your air! Our team of experts at Deputy Heating & Air are ready to inspect the unconditioned spaces within your home and provide proper service as needed. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!


Carrier HVAC Products

Don’t suffer the elements at home with a busted AC or heating unit! If you’re having trouble warming or cooling your house, are seeing incorrect temperatures, or are hearing strange noises coming from your Carrier HVAC system, it’s time to consult with an air conditioning professional! Deputy Heating & Air offers quick, same-day AC repairs to get you the temperature you want in no time.

We don’t stop at repairs, though. Our technicians also provide routine maintenance on Carrier air conditioners and heaters. Need a brand new unit? Not a problem — we’re are trained to replace and install Carrier appliances of all descriptions.


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